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Are you really getting the full picture from product providers? 🧐

A study by Canada Life shows that while some retirees wish they had saved more—15% regret not boosting their pension contributions and 12% feel they should have adjusted their lifestyles to save for the golden years—these financial concerns aren't the top regrets among the retired. In fact, 8% believe they retired too soon and would have preferred to work longer.

But here’s the kicker: financial worries are not the main regrets for most retirees! 🚨

Discover why we need to rethink retirement planning 🔄. Our latest article dives into the necessity of impartial financial advice and a more holistic approach that values personal fulfillment as much as financial security. 🌟

Read more about finding the balance in retirement planning that truly enriches our lives. Check it out!

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