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Life Coach 

Designing Tailored Financial Strategies for Total Well-being

Done For You & Done With You!

Gravel Road into the Forest

At Financial Life Coach (FLC), I offer a comprehensive suite of personal services designed to meet your financial and life planning needs on a one-to-one basis. My offerings are the result of decades of industry expertise, a commitment to holistic empowerment, and a drive to make financial planning accessible to everyone.


Holistic Financial Planning:

A comprehensive service that goes beyond traditional financial advice. I explore your life goals, aspirations, and challenges to ensure your financial strategies align with your broader life vision.

Key Benefits:

  • Tailored financial strategies that resonate with personal life goals.

  • A deeper understanding of the financial implications of major life decisions.


Whole of Market Cash Management:

I ensure your cash reserves are fully protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) while maximising growth opportunities with Deposit Sense.

Key Benefits:

  • Full FSCS protection on your savings.

  • Top rates of interest for optimal returns.


Business Financial Planning:

For clients with business assets, I offer specialised services to align your business goals with your personal financial objectives, ensuring synchronised growth.

Key Benefits:

  • Tailored strategies for business profitability and sustainability.

  • Integration of business finances with personal financial goals.


Lifetime Cash Flow Forecasting:

Using Voyant's state-of-the-art analytics, I create detailed and actionable financial forecasts to help you navigate life's uncertainties with confidence.

Key Benefits:

  • Accurate predictions to safeguard against unforeseen financial challenges.

  • Clarity on financial standings, facilitating informed decisions.


GAME Plan Consultations:

My proprietary GAME Plan is a structured process designed to create a detailed financial and life roadmap tailored to your unique circumstances and aspirations.

Key Benefits:

  • A step-by-step blueprint for financial and life success.

  • Expert guidance through each phase, from discovery to execution.


Ongoing Support & Coaching:

My commitment to your financial well-being doesn't end with planning. I provide continuous support, coaching, and guidance, empowering you at every step of your financial journey.

Key Benefits:

  • Regular check-ins and updates to stay aligned with changing financial landscapes.

  • Expert advice just a call away, ensuring peace of mind.

My clients seek a balanced life, where they can enjoy their life without the fear of running out of money too soon or working too hard and long. They want to avoid excessive taxes on their savings but often hesitate to spend it or give it away.

Most people don’t have a game plan, but everyone needs one.

What is Financial Life Coaching?

Typically, clients approach me with specific questions about financial assets. They often disregard their human capital, which is the present value of future earnings. These concerns usually stem from a lack of a game plan.

Life’s Layers

Our economic activity constantly changes throughout our lives, and sometimes we have multiple layers at a single point in time from a portfolio of projects:

  • Economically active: Exchanging our time for money.

  • Economically inactive: Dormant, no money coming in.

  • Economically passive: Exchanging our human capital for money.


Assets are what you own that create future economic value. Your human capital includes intangible assets like:

  • Productive assets: Reputation, social connections, skills, know-how.

  • Vitality assets: Well-being—physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

  • Transformational assets: Self-knowledge, regenerative networks, lifelong learning.


Your financial situation, goals, and needs are always changing. Without a game plan, people often focus only on the present and near future, leaving them unprepared for unexpected changes and opportunities.

Creating a Game Plan

To create a game plan, I start by understanding your current values, purpose, life, and future vision. I analyse your current and future expenses, including major one-off purchases. This helps map your income, assets, and potential assets over time.

Money is a Means to an End, Not an End in Itself

Most clients want to know if they have enough. I help reframe this to understand “Enough for what?” This deeper understanding makes it easier to determine if you have enough—normally, enough money to live longer and better.

Whole-Person Well-Being

Holistic well-being is finding your whole-person happiness—mind, body, heart, and spirit. Sadness in one area can affect overall happiness. For example, you might feel worry-free about finances but miss spending time with family. Or, you may be physically fit but lack a sense of purpose.

I help you find your whole-person well-being.

Natural Cycles and the GAME Plan

Life is always changing, like the seasons. By aligning our activities and reflections with the calendar, we can make a GAME plan:

  • Winter (Goals): Rest, cleansing, contemplation, making resolutions, preparing the soil.

  • Spring (Actions): Planting, renewal, growth, nurturing new ideas and projects, cultivating relationships.

  • Summer (Means): Activity, productivity, working towards goals, tending to growing efforts, enjoying early successes.

  • Autumn (Execution): Reflection, harvesting, gratitude, reaping rewards, preparing for rest, evaluating, and planning for the future.


By aligning activities with the seasons, we create a harmonious and balanced approach to personal and professional development.

The Ongoing Process of Game Planning

Game planning is an ongoing process that helps you achieve and maintain your desired lifestyle, no matter what life throws at you. By subscribing to my Ongoing Programme, I help you navigate changes, keep your game plan up-to-date, and provide peace of mind. This allows you to manage, protect, and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Live Smarter, Live Fully

Knowing how much is enough gives you the freedom to live smarter. Life isn’t a rehearsal—it’s meant to be lived fully. Don’t wait until tomorrow to get financially organised. Let me help you remove financial anxiety and gain clarity over your entire financial life.

My Done By You Service

"Planning My Life" is a visionary service founded by me, aimed at empowering individuals to take control of their lives, finances, and destiny. Launched in August 2023, this pioneering service introduces an innovative AI Life Planner. This tool is meticulously designed to provide users with tailored life plans, bringing unparalleled clarity, direction, and empowerment.

Unlock Your Financial Potential

At FLC, I believe in the symbiotic relationship between financial stability and holistic well-being. My services are meticulously designed to empower you, offering clarity, confidence, and the expertise of a seasoned professional. Engage with me, and let's craft your pathway to a fulfilling future.

Connect with Me

Interested in learning more about how my services can transform your financial journey? Reach out to me today, and let's embark on a collaborative journey towards financial empowerment and life fulfilment. Book your One-Hour Zoom Call with me.

What Our Clients Say



"If you're considering working with Financial Life Coach and you're not sure whether to take that first step, all I can tell you is it changed my life and now I am living a dream life that I never thought was possible. Really live the life you were born to live. Go ahead."  
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