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Transforming Cash Flow into Life's Rich Opportunities

Welcome to "The Financial Life Coach" at the Academy of Life Planning. We specialise in innovative lifetime cash flow planning. Unlike traditional financial intermediaries, we serve as your unbiased financial allies, navigating every facet of your financial journey with comprehensive, forward-thinking strategies.

Our Services

Self-Directed & Collaborative Planning:

  • HapNav Tool: Opt for our cost-effective tool for independent financial planning or engage in guided planning sessions to enhance your financial strategy.

  • Voyant Modeller: For those seeking an in-depth analysis, the Voyant cash flow modeller facilitates advanced, planner-assisted financial strategies, adapting to complex financial scenarios with ease.

Comprehensive Financial Solutions:

  • Covering all aspects from investment strategy to retirement and estate planning, we offer extensive guidance. For regulated investments, we equip you with the knowledge for a DIY approach or direct you to reputable wealth managers for specialised needs.

Our Unique Approach

Inclusive Strategy:

  • Our services are designed for a diverse clientele, including those managing modest sums or non-regulated assets like properties and international investments. We believe in financial empowerment for all, regardless of the size of your assets.

Innovative Framework:

  • Using our unique Ikigai Proposition, we delve beyond traditional cash flow management to deliver 'Kokoro'—a harmonious balance of mind, body, heart, and spirit. We focus on pioneering new financial streams, leveraging entrepreneurial opportunities, and fostering sustainable livelihoods.

Asset Strategising & Liability Forecasting:

  • Our proficiency in asset strategising and liability forecasting ensures that your financial ambitions are transformed into tangible, achievable plans. We identify and utilise your productive assets to their fullest potential.

Why Choose The Financial Life Coach?

As "The Financial Life Coach," we redefine the essence of financial planning. Our approach ensures inclusivity and empowerment, making complex financial decisions understandable and accessible. We are committed to guiding you towards financial clarity and mastery, aligning your economic decisions with your deepest values and life's ambitions.

Visit to embark on a journey towards insightful financial management and holistic well-being.

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