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"The Financial Life Coach" at the Academy of Life Planning: Navigating Your Financial Future with Precision and Purpose

Welcome to a new dimension of financial planning, where your lifetime well-being is the compass that guides every decision we make together. At "The Financial Life Coach" (FLC), part of the Academy of Life Planning, we go beyond the numbers to ensure your financial strategy resonates with your life's deeper purpose and aspirations.

Our Philosophy: We believe that financial prosperity isn't just about wealth accumulation; it's about achieving the right balance that sustains you through the seasons of your life. We employ the threshold hypothesis as a framework to align your consumption with optimum wellbeing – ensuring you live a life characterised by abundance, not excess or scarcity.

Our Services:

  • HapNav & Voyant Tools: Choose from self-directed planning with HapNav to collaborative, sophisticated forecasting with Voyant, complemented by our expertise.

  • Comprehensive Pathways: From investment insight to intricate estate planning, we ensure every facet of your financial life is catered to with precision and foresight.

  • Guidance Beyond Investment: While we steer you through DIY investment strategies or to adept wealth managers for regulated investments, our core lies in optimising your financial autonomy.

Our Unique Approach:

  • Inclusive and Diverse: Our doors are open to all – whether you're orchestrating modest finances or vast assets.

  • Ikigai-driven Strategy: Through our exclusive Ikigai proposition, we journey with you towards discovering and nurturing your 'Kokoro' – harmonising mind, body, heart, and spirit for perennial prosperity.

  • Lifecycle Cash Flow Forecasting: Leveraging lifetime cash flow forecasting, we prepare you for every contingency, from health uncertainties to ensuring you never outlive your capital.

  • Sustainable Wealth Transference: For those with surplus wealth, we devise benevolent strategies to extend your legacy through succession planning and philanthropic gifting.

Target Audience: Our services resonate profoundly with those in late mid-life or early retirement, providing a sanctuary for your financial and personal rejuvenation.

Embrace the financial foresight that empowers you to craft a life of sufficiency, steering clear of scarcity and avoiding the pitfalls of excess. Join us at "The Financial Life Coach," where every financial decision is a step towards a life replete with opportunities and serenity.


Questions & Answers

Q1: How does "The Financial Life Coach" differ from traditional financial planners?

A1: Unlike traditional planners, we focus on your overall life satisfaction, not just your financial wealth. We utilise the threshold hypothesis to balance your consumption with wellbeing. Our tools and strategies are designed to optimise your financial resources, ensuring they support a fulfilling life that’s in harmony with your values and life goals.

Q2: What services do "The Financial Life Coach" offer for someone without substantial investment assets?

A2: Our services are inclusive, catering to varying financial situations. With tools like HapNav for self-guided planning and Voyant for more sophisticated, planner-assisted strategies, we support those with smaller financial portfolios as well as those dealing with substantial assets. We show you how to create income and capital to plug cash flow shortfalls. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and skills to navigate your financial journey confidently.

Q3: Can "The Financial Life Coach" help me if I'm already in retirement?

A3: Absolutely. Our lifecycle cash flow forecasting is particularly beneficial for those in retirement. We’ll help you understand your financial trajectory, assess potential healthcare costs, and ensure that your resources are managed wisely to provide for your current and future needs without the risk of outliving your capital.

Q4: What is the Ikigai proposition, and how does it integrate with financial planning?

A4: Our Ikigai proposition is rooted in the Japanese concept that combines what you love, what you are good at, what the world needs, and what you can be paid for. We integrate this with financial planning by aligning your financial resources to not only support your life's necessities but also to enable you to pursue passions, contribute meaningfully, and develop personal growth, hence enhancing your 'Kokoro'—mind, body, heart, and spirit.

Q5: If I have a surplus of wealth, how can "The Financial Life Coach" assist me?

A5: For clients with excess wealth, we provide succession planning and philanthropic strategies, ensuring that your legacy contributes to the well-being of future generations or causes you’re passionate about. We aim to help you make impactful decisions that reflect your values and the mark you wish to leave on the world.

Q6: I’m interested in self-directed financial planning. How can "The Financial Life Coach" support me in this?

A6: Our self-directed tool, HapNav, is perfect for the independent planner. It provides a framework for you to manage your financial life, with the added option of seeking our collaborative guidance when needed. We believe in empowering you to take charge of your financial future while being available to support you on your journey.

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