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Navigating New Beginnings: Financial Guidance for “Grey Divorce”

By The Financial Life Coach, Academy of Life Planning

As societal norms evolve, so too do the patterns of marriage and divorce. The phenomenon of “grey divorce”—divorces among older adults—continues to rise, creating both opportunities and challenges for those embarking on new chapters later in life. At The Financial Life Coach, part of the Academy of Life Planning, we focus on turning these pivotal life moments into opportunities for growth and financial security.

The Rise of Grey Divorce

Recent studies, including those by Bowling Green State University’s National Center for Family and Marriage Research, have highlighted a stark increase in divorce rates among those over 55, with rates doubling for this age group and tripling for those over 65 since 1990. This trend, contrasted with declining divorce rates among younger adults, underscores a significant shift in marital stability later in life.

Financial Implications

Divorce at any age can be financially disruptive, but it poses particular risks as one approaches retirement. Women, especially, can experience a substantial decline in living standards, with a reported 45% drop in their income-to-needs ratio, compared to a 21% decrease for men. These figures highlight the critical need for strategic financial planning to mitigate the economic impacts of divorce.

Embracing Autonomy, Addressing Loneliness

While “grey divorce” offers the freedom to start anew, it often results in increased loneliness and the challenges of solo living. This demographic shift is significant, with projections suggesting that the number of single-person households headed by those over 75 will surpass 14 million by 2038. It’s a change that demands greater attention to housing, healthcare, and social services to support aging independently.

Our Role at The Financial Life Coach

Creating An Inspiring Future Vision: At The Financial Life Coach, we are dedicated to more than just financial prosperity; we believe in rekindling the deep-seated bonds of love through comprehensive life planning. The transition from active economic engagement to retirement signifies a profound change in both individual and shared roles within a marriage. Our bespoke life planning service focuses intently on sculpting your ideal future together. By meticulously knitting together the threads of each partner’s aspirations, we help couples rediscover their shared path and fall in love with their life plan. This service has proven its value, with couples returning, even after ten years, to share their stories of a marriage rejuvenated and a partnership strengthened. We don’t just plan for your finances; we plan for your shared happiness and contentment in life’s next chapter.

Innovative Lifetime Cashflow Planning: We offer tools like HapNav for those who prefer independent planning and Voyant for more sophisticated, planner-assisted strategies. Our aim is to empower you to manage your finances confidently, whether navigating the complexities of a “grey divorce” or planning for a secure retirement.

Comprehensive Financial Solutions: Our services cover all aspects of financial planning, from investments and retirement to estate planning. We cater to a diverse clientele, including those not traditionally wealthy, by focusing on comprehensive, low-cost strategies for managing and growing your financial resources.

Unique Ikigai Proposition: Our approach integrates your life’s passions and economic opportunities into a cohesive strategy that we call ‘Kokoro’—balancing mind, body, heart, and spirit. We not only manage your existing cashflows but also explore new avenues for income, leveraging your life’s work into lasting financial well-being.

Asset Strategising & Liability Forecasting: Expert forecasting and strategic planning transform your financial goals into realistic, achievable outcomes. We understand the nuances of asset management and liability assessment, crucial for those undergoing significant life transitions like divorce.


“The Financial Life Coach” is more than just a planning service; it’s a partnership in redefining your financial narrative. Whether you’re facing the complexities of saving a “grey divorce” or planning for the later stages of life, we are here to guide you through with expertise, compassion, and a forward-thinking approach.

For a detailed exploration of how we can assist you, visit for more information on our services and to schedule a consultation. Embrace this opportunity to redefine your financial future with clarity and strategic foresight.

Questions & Answers

Q&A Section for “Navigating New Beginnings: Financial Guidance for ‘Grey Divorce'”

Q1: What is ‘grey divorce’, and why is it becoming more common?

A1: ‘Grey divorce’ refers to the phenomenon of increasing divorce rates among older adults, specifically those over 55. This trend has been attributed to various factors, including longer life expectancies, changing societal norms, and greater financial independence among older generations. The desire for personal fulfilment and the feasibility of starting anew in later life are also significant contributors.

Q2: How does ‘grey divorce’ financially affect those involved?

A2: The financial impacts of grey divorce can be profound, especially as they occur closer to or during retirement years. Statistically, women are often harder hit, experiencing a substantial decrease in their standard of living. Both parties may face challenges such as halving of retirement assets, loss of shared income, and increased living costs, necessitating careful financial restructuring.

Q3: What financial planning steps should be considered if contemplating a grey divorce?

A3: Effective financial planning is crucial when considering a grey divorce. Steps should include:

  • Asset Inventory: Comprehensive listing of all marital assets, including investments, savings, and real properties.

  • Budget Adjustment: Redefining one’s budget to adapt to a single income, especially with potential changes in living arrangements.

  • Retirement Planning: Reassessing retirement plans to ensure they are robust enough to support a single individual through retirement.

  • Legal Advice: Consulting with a divorce solicitor to understand the legal ramifications and entitlements during the divorce process.

Q4: Can financial planning help mitigate the loneliness associated with living alone post-divorce?

A4: Life planning is indeed instrumental in combating loneliness, particularly during the transitions of later life. Our approach goes beyond mere financial planning; we actively encourage the nurturing of social and emotional assets. By guiding individuals to invest in relationships and community engagement, we foster the creation of a tight-knit, supportive network. This thoughtful preparation is designed to ensure that our clients are woven into the fabric of a caring community, enhancing their overall quality of life and providing a sense of belonging and togetherness that is as valuable as any financial asset.

Q5: How does The Financial Life Coach approach financial planning for those undergoing a grey divorce?

A5: At The Financial Life Coach, we employ a unique approach that integrates lifetime cashflow planning with our innovative Ikigai proposition, aiming to balance emotional and financial well-being. We offer tailored tools like HapNav for independent planners and Voyant for more comprehensive assistance. Our strategies focus on not just managing but enhancing financial resources through asset strategising, liability forecasting, and creating new income streams, ensuring that our clients can navigate their new beginnings with confidence and security.

Q6: What services does The Financial Life Coach offer to support older adults post-divorce?

A6: We provide a range of services tailored to the needs of older adults experiencing a grey divorce. These include:

  • Self-Directed & Collaborative Planning: For those who prefer to manage their finances independently or with minimal guidance.

  • Comprehensive Financial Solutions: Covering investment, retirement, and estate planning.

  • Asset and Liability Management: Expert advice on managing and strategising financial assets and liabilities to secure financial futures.

  • Personalised Consultations: One-on-one sessions to address specific financial concerns and develop bespoke strategies.

These questions and answers can serve to clarify key points and directly address the concerns of our readers, providing you with both understanding and practical advice tailored to your circumstances.

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