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🌟 Exciting Read Alert! 📖 Adviser or Planner? What’s the Crucial Difference? 🌟

Hey Academy family! 👋 We've just published a thought-provoking article that delves into a vital discussion in the financial services industry—understanding the distinct roles of a financial adviser versus a financial planner. 🤔💼

🔍 The recent thematic reviews by the FCA reveal that not all advisers are planners, highlighting a crucial difference in the services provided and the fees charged. Why pay more for less? Let’s demystify this together!

📈 Read our article here: Steve Conley: Adviser or planner? There’s a crucial difference – and fees should reflect that

We encourage you to dive into this insightful discussion and reflect on how these roles impact our quest for sustainable and transparent financial planning. 💚

✨ Join the conversation and let us know your thoughts in the comments below! How do you differentiate between advising and planning in your practice?

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